Vegetarian Light Cooking

Kim Williams

Recipes designed for good health, nutrition and great taste.

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Do you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or arthritis? Are you trying to lose weight? Would you like to sleep better at night, look better in your clothes, perform better at work or school?

What you eat plays a significant role in creating energy, preventing and managing diseases, and enjoying mental and physical stamina.

Vegetarian Light Cooking

My story: A year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with very high cholesterol. She told me I had no choice but to start taking drugs to control it. I made a deal with her: I would try to lower the cholesterol naturally in the next two months. If I couldn’t, I would take the medication. I embarked on a low-fat, vegetarian diet, such as the one in Vegetarian Light Cooking, and I also increased my cardio exercise to about five hours per week. The result: I significantly lowered my overall cholesterol and triglycerides and my doctor told me I did not have to take the medicine! “How did you do it?” she asked incredulously.

Are you ready to make the changes to your diet that can give you a better, empowered and longer life? Vegetarian Light Cooking will get you started. Its 130 pages contain 133 easy-to-follow, delicious recipes that feature ingredients vital to physical wellness and energy, along with information about their unique health benefits.

If Spinach Lasagna, Roasted Red Peppers in a Tomato Cream Sauce, and Jambalaya sound good to you, you will have no trouble incorporating these recipes into your healthy lifestyle.

Adding butter and cream to recipes is an easy way to make them taste richer; but, like eating fast food burgers, the effects to your health can be disastrous. What if there was a way to make delicious food without adding a lot of artery clogging ingredients? Vegetarian Light Cooking shows you how. Unlike so many mass-produced cookbooks aimed at a commercial market, Vegetarian Light Cooking features low-fat, healthful, disease-preventing vegetables, grains and proteins.

Where did the recipes come from? Many of them are family recipes that I have made lighter and healthier. Some I created during a year of experimenting with healthy, low-fat ingredients in my kitchen. Some, like Moroccan Tagine and Curry Lentils, are exotic. Others, like Tomato Dumplings and Potato Cakes, you might expect to find in an old country church cookbook. Still others, like Quinoa with Toasted Almonds and Golden Raisins, seem like part of a dinner your foodie friend might bring to a dinner club. All of the recipes focus on including healthful, low-fat, vegetarian ingredients. If you want to enjoy delicious meals while improving your health with a better diet, this cookbook is for you.

As an introductory offer, Vegetarian Light Cooking is now available for the low price of $11.95. With over 130 recipes, the price breaks down to less than 9 cents per recipe. A small price to pay for improved wellness and great taste! This fall, the price will go up to $14.95, so act now to save 20%.

If you have always wanted to improve your diet, your health and your life, now is the time to begin.

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